Constine's Newsletter #11: The formula to 15 seconds of fame
Emoji-ready names are the new SEO
The inevitable rise of concert streaming+ Creator fintech & comprehensible wedges: Podcast with the founders of Karat's credit card for influencers
Spore's creator site-maker is my first lead investment as a VC. It solves the creator economy's two biggest problems
The future of social is multiplayer
The power shift from publishers to personalities+ PressClub podcast with Substack's founders on the rise of the solopreneur author and audience portability
How the Creator Crisis forced artists to be founders + Podcast w Patreon CEO Jack Conte | The Creator Renaissance, "art" vs "content", and why social giants like Facebook suddenly care
PressClub podcast: Back to offices? WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg, Slack CEO Stewart ButterfieldListen now | +SalesForce COO Bret Taylor, PagerDuty CEO Jenn Tejada, NYT's Zeynep Tufekci
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