Mar 27, 2021

PressClub podcast: Back to offices? WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield

+SalesForce COO Bret Taylor, PagerDuty CEO Jenn Tejada, NYT's Zeynep Tufekci

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Josh Constine
Journalists, experts, and founders discuss tech's top themes with your host Josh Constine
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Sick of Zoom? You’re not alone. And soon you might not be working alone. Top employers and work-from-home experts think we’ll be back in the office part-time sooner than we know it. But how we use them will be very different.

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“Offices will look more like places to meet and convene rather than everyone sitting next to each other and looking at their laptops all day” WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg said. “On a per square foot basis, by far the biggest use [of office space] is factory farm battery housing for people to sit at a desk by themselves and use a laptop and not talk to anyone” Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield says. “And I think that's the lowest value use.”

On this episode of PressClub with me, Josh Constine, I assembled some of tech’s remote work experts and tool builders to discuss how IRL/at-home hybrid work will actually work. I was joined on Clubhouse by these amazing guests:

  • WordPress/Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg

  • SalesForce COO Bret Taylor

  • PagerDuty CEO Jenn Tejada

  • NYT’s Zeynep Tufekci

  • Raise CEO Justin Bedecarre

  • Initialized partner Kim-Mai Cutler

  • Your host: SignalFire's Josh Constine

  • And surprise guest: Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield

Listen in to hear how Salesforce’s Gen Z employees are 2X more likely to want to go back to IRL work than Boomers, how companies can stop remote workers from feeling second-class, and which asynchronous communication tools can help. Plus, Slack reveals plans to build Clubhouse and Snapchat Stories features.

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Thanks to the anonymous bidder who won the NFT auction for this portrait of Mullenweg, powering our donation to Live In Peace’s emergency rent fund for service worker families of color.