Thank you for sharing great insights all the time, Josh!

As I'm an international founder who failed once before, I really resonated with this article!

Here's a list of my highlights that I really resonated with from this article and my notes:

>> A true social network doesn’t just make consumption social (Likes, comments, reshares), but makes creation social too by insisting on collaboration.

✍️ Note: Multiplayer is the future of social app

>> Profiles don’t show how many followers someone has. [...] the goal is having fun, not world domination.

✍️ Note: I like the concept that tries to focus on what matters more than social capitals. Status as a service is an interesting concept though.

>> The Future Of Social Is Multiplayer

✍️ Note: I think so too!

Thank you again for sharing this!

Reference: https://glasp.co/#/kazuki/?p=1nCyVKa7ru2kiDVtfYHp

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the future isn't "multiplayer," it's "metaplayer" mode. it's "both / and".

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It's pretty sad that even an app that downplays self-promotion is all about self-adulation. Still, it's a smart angle from which to approach the market but not likely a sustainable or massively scalable one.

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If I save one of my friend's pics on their profile does it notify them?

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So Signalfire didn't get in on them?

Didn't you learn ANYTHING from Michael Arrington?

Use your position of power and influence to hype a startup and get them #1 WITH A BULLET to the Top of the Charts - but only after you've bought in on that startup, at a great low-valuation price.

With this simple model - you'll go far.

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Honestly, a super well thought out concept and also super well executed. Supper bullish on it being able to grow fast and retain users!

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