Excellent article and very accurate in its content. There are very few of us in the world that possess this type of unusual expertise dealing with the phenomena of deadly cults. As a international renown author, private detective and expert Cult Investigator I can say that many Satanic underground groups are still very active in the USA and UK. https://youtu.be/hYjr2BL-upI

www.CharlesDelCampo.com As an an Investigator, I have been on national television, CNN, RT, Telemundo, Univision and other television and radio programs exposing many of these malefic underground cults being operated by sinister demagogues. Several of these groups operate clandestinely (using mind-control techniques) since they fear to be targeted by law enforcement agencies. Many of them possess vicious platforms of being radical, while alienating the recruit from family members and social friends. The deceptive practices are well camouflage!

The indoctrination process of brainwashing the target (victim) is very effective alongside religious fanatics; while others are evil worshipers. Moreover, these cults are highly trained in order not to be detected, while others engage in abducting children for ritual sacrifices as "La Santa Muerte" from Mexico and "Palo Mayombe" from Florida, USA. Unfortunately, the FBI is well informed of these malicious undertakings and their horrific crimes yet many times refuses to get involved!


Like so, I been involved in several search & rescue operations (extraction) of victims while repatriating them to their family members. Along these lines, the psychological deprogramming is also a long process combined with reintegration of the target"s progress. See the below interview to corroborate the evidence of such bizarre events. https://player.fm/…/occult-crimes-interview-with-charles-de…

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