Shuffle is pretty nifty!

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Jul 16, 2020Liked by Josh Constine

Totally agree this should exist. A couple folks and I tried to tackle this problem a few years back with an invite based app that allowed you to share dynamic links to where you were going thru augmented SMS, Insta, Email. The links pulled you back into the app's invite where you'd see who was going, etc.

The key lesson for us was that cost users placed on committing to meet somewhere is exponentially higher than that of connecting online. It was going to take time for users to "endure the awkwardness and embrace vulnerability" as Josh puts it. While on its face obvious, there were operations and fundraising implications that were not so obvious.

For instance, the metrics of a IRL app are going to be inherently different than that of any online (e.g. chat, video, or gaming) app which require much less to engage. Yet, the metrics will inevitably be compared to those apps. This is a mistake. IRL activity requires more effort from users and hence should be more valuable to the developer. And from a user perspective, one can argue the payoff of the end goal is much greater.

As a second-order effect to the metrics difference, the fundraising conversations were challenging. It was hard to find investors that understood that the dynamics of in-person apps are just different. A YC partner at the time told me, "people don't want to meet in person." While I was confident he was wrong, his perception wasn't uncommon and I think its indicative of the uphill battle IRL apps have in fundraising.

The challenge is even more complicated amidst a pandemic. Yet, in a sense, facilitating in-person connections has become more important than it has ever been.

Keep up the good fight @chillnapp team! Glad to help however. willxemail@gmail -Will

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Hey Josh - Wow! Your article really resonated with me. I’m currently working on an app with my former college roommate that addresses this exact issue (www.chillnapp.com). We would love to talk with you about it in more detail. Feel free to reach me at my personal email: jhhinkel@gmail.com. Thanks! - John Henry

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Both are def needed

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Check out Slap: Sounds like a plan in the App Store. It's the new creative way to live your best life with your friends or make new ones. It’s for people who don’t like to plan, but are always down to do something fun. 

Slap combines the camera, future location and messaging together in a unique way that unlocks the social potential of the map turning it into a ‘Video-based Social Calendar with Group Chat’ that facilitates fun things you and your friends want to do in the next 24 hours. 

We capture future intent with spontaneous Event Stories (Video Invite® + Video RSVPs) that are pinned to a future location on your map of where someone will be. 

With Slap the fun begins before the fun begins which is half the fun.

Would love to hear your thoughts on it. brian@slap.events

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Hi Josh. I think you'll like Hearo.Live. TV (NBC, ESPN, ...), Netflix, YouTube or Twitch, synchronized while talking with your friends (or fans), mobile first (PC coming soon). Can I show it to you next week? N e d @ H e a r o . L i v e (I don't want to get spammed).


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